Students receive drama awards

Drama Awards Recognize Upper School Students

Drama Awards Night was held on Wednesday this week to recognize Upper School students who have shined in the spotlight as part of our MICDS drama program. Throughout the year, students impressed audiences in numerous productions from Pippin and She Kills Monsters to 1984 and Almost, Maine. With each show, they’ve honed in on their acting skills, set design creativity, and technical know-how. Below are the drama awards recipients.

International Thespian Inductees
Gideon Meissner ‘20
Maya Pinz ‘20
Caleigh McClain ‘19
Eleanor Goldman ‘19
Josh Sutton ‘19
Zion Thomas ‘19
Quentin Dunne ‘21
Mimi Brown ‘21
Mereya Riopedre ‘20
Kelci Creath ‘19
Ezabelle Barsumyan ‘21

The 11th and 12th Grade Production of Almost, Maine
Best Actor – Alexander Huber ‘19
Best Actress – Hope Abel ‘19
Technical Excellence – Charles Huber ‘20

The Fall Production of 1984
Best Actor – Cal Barton ‘21
Best Actress – Eleanor Goldman ‘19
Technical Excellence – Josh Sutton ‘19

The Troubadours Production of Pippin
Best Actor – Zion Thomas ‘19
Best Actress – Alaina Baumohl ‘19
Technical Excellence – Quentin Dunne ‘21

The 9th and 10th Grade Production of She Kills Monsters
Best Actor – Max Novak ‘21
Best Actress – Mimi Brown ‘21
Technical Excellence – Gideon Meissner ‘20

Most Promising Newcomer
Ezabelle Barsumyan ‘21
Hollis Summers ‘21

Ashley Druck Design Award
Sam Kastor ‘19

Chivetta Award for Technical Excellence
Kaylie Carpenter ‘18

Shepard Meade Troubadours Award
GeGe Pflager ‘18

J. Evan Philips Drama Award
Lauren Martin ‘18