6th and 10th Grade Drama Students Join Forces in a Cross-Divisional Workshop

This week, 10th graders in Carolyn Hood’s drama class took a stroll down to Freeman Theater in the Middle School to collaborate and give acting tips to Missy Heinemann’s 6th Grade drama students.

All students were split into groups, and the 6th graders each recited a story, detailing events that had happened in their personal lives. The other 6th graders in the group would act out the details of the story while the 10th graders observed and took notes. Once the story was finished, the 10th graders gave advice on how to improve certain aspects of the acting and storytelling to make it more believable and engaging for the audience.

The cross-collaboration between the divisions was a result of brainstorming between teachers during professional development sessions, and students from both divisions enjoyed the interactions.