Students and Parents Attend Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Sessions

The MICDS community was made aware of different drug and alcohol abuse scenarios this week and how to prevent them.

In the Middle School, parents gathered in the Alumni Room to hear a presentation from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (NCADA). The presenter, Kelly Wieser, spoke to parents about vaping, alcohol and prescription drugs – specifically current trends in the U.S., Missouri, and Saint Louis County. Wieser said that there is an increasing number of vaping devices being used by teens and that kids can smoke nicotine or marijuana through these devices. It’s difficult to smell the vapor from these devices which make it easier to hide. In addition, several of these devices are designed to mimic electronic devices such as USB flash drives or a hard drive and are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Teens can get these devices from older students or off the internet.

Wieser went on to inform parents that they need to be sure their prescription drugs are locked up and not accessible to teens. She said it is best to talk with your kids about your expectations regarding drug and alcohol usage and the consequences if they are caught.

In the Upper School, 9th graders gathered in Orthwein Theatre to watch skits sponsored by MICDS drama students. Drama students depicted a variety of scenes dealing with teenage usage of alcohol at parties. Following each skit, students discussed various questions pertaining to the situations and made suggestions on what the actors could’ve done better to avoid alcohol abuse. They also learned about the dangers of binge drinking, how alcohol affects the underage brain and why it’s a good idea to wait.