Early College News from the Class of 2018

Many of our seniors are starting to hear back exciting news from their colleges and universities of choice via the “Early Decision” and “Early Action” programs. The Class of 2018 matriculation results are impressive thus far – 62% of those that applied via Early Decision were admitted! MICDS students have been admitted to extremely selective schools such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, University of Chicago, Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, Rice, Washington University and more. Non-binding Early Action results are also great thus far, and students are just now starting to hear back from universities through that program.

This is just an early start to our impressive Class of 2018 matriculation news, and there will be more good news in the months to come. Already, 33 students were admitted to their first choice schools under binding Early Decision plans. Overall, approximately 1/3 of the Class of 2018 already knows where they will be attending college next year.

Director of College Counseling Matt Essman says, “We are extremely proud of the outstanding results thus far for the Class of 2018. This serves as wonderful recognition of their hard work and dedication throughout their upper school careers. The College Counseling team remains fully committed to supporting and assisting all students and families as they continue with this process through the end of the year.”

Let’s continue to cheer on all of our seniors as they close out the intense college application process and experience a successful and memorable senior year. Congratulations Class of 2018 for your efforts and progress thus far!