Eerie-sistible Halloween Fun

Our MICDS Rams are always creepin’ it real for Halloween! With such boo-tiful costumes from the Junior Kindergarteners to our Upper School seniors and from our faculty to our staff, it was a fang-tastic holiday this past Tuesday on campus! Check out all the gourd times that were had this Halloween in our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools!

Beasley Lower School

In Boo-easley Lower School, not only was it Pumpkin Week, but the JK through fourth-grade students also sang and danced in the annual Halloween performance led by Dr. Katy Nichols, Lower School Music Teacher. The performance included Halloween tunes, the Thriller dance, and zombie stop-motion animations created by fourth graders. After the assembly, Lower Schoolers paraded through campus, collecting treats along the way from faculty and staff in Olson Hall. Watch the 2023 Halloween parade below and check out the many pictures of our Ram boils and ghouls!

Middle School

Walking through the Middle School, you were sure to see gobs of Halloween cheer! Students were again decked out for the day, some in group costumes including the entire Middle School faculty and staff who dressed up as various UNO cards. In the afternoon, the fifth graders enjoyed their annual Halloween party in the Middle School Dining Hall. There was also a mummy-making contest in the McDonnell Athletic Center and seventh graders carved pumpkins by advisory.

Our Middle School Librarian, Bethany Kavanaugh, held a Two Sentence Horror Story Writing Competition. For the weeks leading up to Halloween, students submitted their entries. On Halloween, all were invited to vote for their favorite spooky stories. Congratulations to the two top winners:

  • 1st Place by Ellie Jones ’30:
    You try to say that something ate your homework but the teacher wouldn’t listen. Too bad for him because it was behind him.
  • 2nd Place by Tess Thompson ’28:
    Red, dark red, splattered all over. Red, dark red, what have I done.

What would your two-sentence horror story be?

Upper School

Over in the Upper School, all of our ninth through 12th graders were able to dress up if they chose to—a change from past years when wearing a costume in MICDS Upper School was reserved only for the seniors. With tons of group and individual costumes to be seen, including the witch-themed costumes of the Upper School faculty and staff, students had a blast coming together at the annual Upper School Halloween Assembly. At the assembly, seniors performed skits to a crowd of cackles and laughter before all of the grades competed in a Mario Kart-style race where the juniors won among the mayhem.

We could feel all of the eerie-sistible fun this Halloween from the tops of our wigs down to our bones. Happy Halloween, all! Enjoy the memories from the day and goblin up those treats!