Eighth Grade Advisories Compete in Scavenger Hunt

Eighth grade students kicked off their new school year with a fun scavenger hunt that allowed them to explore the campus and get to know each other. Each advisory was given a list of clues and the teams hit eight locations around campus, including the Ram statue on the Upper School campus, Freeman Arts Theater, Olson Hall front steps, outside the Bryant Arts Center Rotunda, the MAC, Eliot Chapel, the Middle School Cafeteria, and the Steward Family Aquatics Center lobby.

Students were challenged to perform a silly activity at each stop. They made up cheers, sung theme songs from TV shows, created a human sculpture, shared one thing they love about MICDS, sung Row, Row, Row Your Boat as a round, pretended to play a sport without equipment, took their advisory photos, and created a dramatic interpretation of their favorite school lunches.

Here are some of their clues:

If you support our teams and like to cheer,
then you will find inspiration in our mascot so dear.
You need to go exploring to find where he stands,
When you get there, you shall pay homage like a #1 fan!

Whether you like pizza or salad or chicken parmesan,
this is a great place to have some fun.
So sit down, relax, and enjoy your lunch,
with all of your friends in your bunch.

Everyone had a great time, and we captured a few of the stops to share with you. Be sure to check out the fun video at the end!