Electronics Recycling and Bicycle Collection Totals

On April 11, MICDS partnered with Midwest Recycling Center and St. Louis Bicycle Works to host an electronics recycling drive and a bicycle collection on campus.

In total, 6,937 pounds of electronics were collected, including microwaves, printers, CPUs, cords, VCRs, televisions, two refrigerators and even a lawn mower.

Representatives from St. Louis Bicycle Works collected 39 bikes to benefit children and young adults in the St. Louis area. Bicycle Works provided over 1700 Bikes in 2014 through the Earn-A-Bike Program for kids. Children are taught the basics about bicycle safety and maintenance as a means to build community awareness and personal responsibility. Young people who complete the course earn their own bike, helmet, light, and lock, and participate in a group safety ride with adults and peers.