Endless Possibilities in MICDS Middle School Clubs

From anime and sewing to drama and board games, there’s something for everyone in our Middle School when it comes to clubs and activities. Want to compete with your friends over a healthy game of Dungeons & Dragons? Interested in running a 5-kilometer race that you train for with friends? Ready to try some new cooking recipes? Among the club offerings at MICDS, the possibilities are endless!

This year, there are 20 clubs and activities available and counting. We always welcome student suggestions for future clubs and activities, and our faculty love to explore their own passions and hobbies with students.

Check out the list of current club choices available below.

  • Anime Club
  • Board Game Club
  • Books & Bagels
  • Book Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Elite Book Club
  • FIRST Lego League (FLL)
  • Girls on the Run
  • Knitting & Sewing Club
  • Mark Twain Breakfast Club
  • Math Team
  • MICDS Admission Rambassadors
  • Mock Newbery Club
  • Open Art Studio
  • Prism
  • 7th & 8th Grade Play

Most clubs meet before or after school throughout the academic year. Each activity offers a time for students to come together, grow, and learn a new skill or continue doing something they’re passionate about. Additionally, with fewer limitations due to the pandemic when compared to last year, these opportunities to connect with peers over a common interest are not taken for granted!

When asked about different club experiences, students shared the following:

  • “What I like about the Sewing and Knitting Club is the learning experiences and creativity. The different stitches, styles, and what you can make with just one ball of yarn is incredible. I joined the club to learn something different and appreciate how sewing and knitting have endless fun and creativity. I would like to accomplish learning different stitches and techniques. I would also like to accomplish making different types of things like scarves, hats, gloves, and more!” ~ Chloe Shamsham ’28, Knitting & Sewing Club member
  • “I like the idea of a LEGO competition with a team that helps each other out. I would like to become better at programming.” ~ Sam Gabrielson ’29, FIRST Lego League member
  • “In the Dance Club, I like that we do exercises and warm-ups similar and different to what I do at my dance studio. I also like that we are able to be creative with our dances and get feedback on our ideas. I joined the Dance Club to get extra practice with my dancing and to be creative and come up with a dance with my friend. At my old school, we didn’t have any clubs so there was nothing to really look forward to other than a normal school day. It is very nice that now, I am at a school that is filled with opportunities regarding extracurricular activities.” ~ Ava Cervera ’27, Dance Club member
  • “I joined the Knitting and Sewing Club because I started knitting and crochet back during quarantine as a way to pass the time. I’ve been trying to make something on a knitting loom for a family member this Christmas, and I feel like that’s a big accomplishment I’m trying to achieve. ~ Elinor Verdine ’27, Knitting & Sewing Club member

Imagine what clubs you would be part of at MICDS! The sky’s the limit!