Families Get Involved in the Classroom in Junior and Senior Kindergarten

There are several traditions that involve parents in the classroom throughout the school year in the Lower School, especially with our youngest learners in Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK). Parents and guardians lead the way during JK Cooking where junior kindergartners learn to cook (or at least assemble) a delicious treat and SK Cafe where senior kindergartners do a fun craft and/or activity (which also often includes a treat). Also, our SK classes host a Mystery Reader program where family members, friends and other honored guests share a favorite story with the class. The guest reader provides clues in advance, and students excitedly guess who the mystery reader is as the teacher shares the clues. 

Our youngest learners love to welcome family members and friends into their classrooms for these fun and engaging activities. These special traditions not only build community and create a family atmosphere, they also help our students learn more about each other’s families, traditions, favorite foods and books.

Students have had so much fun with these activities over the past few months. For example, Senior Kindergartners built gingerbread houses during SK Cafe. An actual architect dad read Iggy Peck Architect as a Mystery Reader. Junior Kindergartners learned to assemble yummy yogurt parfaits during a JK Cooking session. Enjoy these photos of just a sampling of recent JK Cooking, SK Cafe and Mystery Reader activities.