Field Trip Fun for Everyone (in Junior Kindergarten, Fourth, Fifth and Eighth Grades)

Field trips are a hallmark of the MICDS student experience, and in some cases are seen as a rite of passage. Several of our classes have had fun recently exploring St. Louis and extending the classroom into local museums, institutions and fun zones throughout the area.

Junior Kindergarteners Visit the Butterfly House 

Our youngest learners relish the opportunity to ride on a school bus, along with visiting a place as beautiful and exciting as the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House. The students have been learning about the butterfly life cycle in class. Their knowledge of metamorphosis was evident as one girl was quick to explain “egg-caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly” and was commended by the Butterfly House instructor during the classroom program time. The students then observed a variety of butterflies firsthand as they walked through the tropical conservatory and explored the outdoor gardens.

Back in their classrooms the next day, the students were ready to release their butterflies. They had been observing the butterfly lifecycle for weeks, as the creatures developed from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly in a habitat in their homerooms. The butterfly release was timed perfectly with the field trip, and the JKers were so happy to see their “pet” butterflies fly away amidst the lilac bushes in front of Beasley. Don’t be surprised if you see a few extra butterflies hanging around the Beasley garden, or JKers searching for them!

Fourth Graders Explore Nature at the Dana Brown Overnight Center 

Fourth graders had a fantastic trip to the Dana Brown Overnight Center. As a capstone experience to their Lower School journey, this field trip also marked the completion of their ecology unit. Students engaged in hands-on learning and outdoor skill-building while exploring Missouri’s native ecosystems and hiking trails, enjoying nature and spotting wildlife.

As our fourth graders take these lessons with them, we are excited for their next journey to begin: Middle School!

Fifth Grade Fun at the Sheldon and City Museum 

Fifth graders have been busy exploring St. Louis, too. As part of the fifth grade music program, they attended a morning music concert of Drums and Dances of Africa at the recently renovated Sheldon Theater. After the concert, they ventured to the City Museum for a pizza lunch and an afternoon of climbing, sliding and laughing. Fifth Grade Dean Christine Mayer shared, “The visit to the City Museum served as a kick-off to the fifth grade spring advisory Honor Code Art Project. As they explored the museum, students were introduced to the endless possibilities of working with recycled materials. This experience will hopefully inspire their advisory projects.” While at City Museum, students also participated in a scavenger hunt and attended a show.

Eighth Graders Have a Blast at Six Flags 

The 8th grade class has been looking forward to their class trip to Six Flags for weeks. What could be better than a day riding roller coasters and whizzing on rides with more than 130 of your closest friends? The trip exceeded expectations. The chilly air and light drizzle was more than made up for with the short lines at all the rides, and the eighth graders had an amazing time. As the Class of 2023 prepares to move on to the Upper School, we hope they remember their day at Six Flags with fond memories of friendship, fun and exhilaration!