Fifth Graders Create PADcast Podcast

Have you ever created your own podcast? What about creating one while in the 5th grade? Four MICDS 5th graders have recently taken it upon themselves to produce their very own podcast, the PADcast Podcast.

Priyasha Munshi ’28, Dane Joyce ’28, Almir Bhatti ’28, and Bella Froedge ’28 have banded together to record, edit, and share a new episode via email of the PADcast Podcast each week for 5th grade students, faculty, and staff. The episodes cover the upcoming week’s lunch menu, special announcements, jokes, and interviews with community members.

Why don’t eggs tell jokes? Because they crack each other up! Did you know that February is Black History Month? Want to know what Mr. Woessner thinks is exciting about technology in school right now?

Find out this and so much more in the first few episodes of the PADcast Podcast!

For their first faculty interview, the PADcast team decided to speak with Pat Woessner, Middle School Coordinator of Instructional Technology. They asked Woessner 10 questions that ranged from learning about what he does at MICDS and his experience with videogame and website creation to digital fabrication and his comparison of Apple and Samsung or Google devices. Be sure to check out the interview in Episode 4 above!

«The PADcast team was so organized and professional,» shared Woessner. «They had a list of prepared questions and are naturals at conducting interviews. The whole process felt like a casual student-teacher conversation, and it was a real pleasure to talk with them.»

The interview was completed in the Language Lab. The team used WeVideo to record the interview while Woessner sat six feet away, directing his responses toward his computer’s microphone.

Woessner remarked on how the pandemic has challenged schools to use technology in new, innovative ways. How exciting it is that 5th graders are creating podcasts of their own accord when that may not have been an option a year ago!

For future episodes, the PADcast team has created a Google Form where their listeners can indicate who should be interviewed next, submit jokes, or ask questions about the podcast. We can’t wait to tune in next week!

If we could rate and review this podcast, we’d give the 5th graders’ PADcast Podcast five gold stars! Way to go, PADcast team!