Fifth Graders Ice Skate into Wellness Day

To the delight of our fifth-grade students, Wednesday was deemed a Winter Wonderland Wellness Day! What’s that entail? We’re glad you asked! Students traded academic classes in for ice skates on this one day as they partook in a day full of community fun and rejuvenation.

Students in our fifth-grade classes began the school day on Wednesday with a field trip to the indoor Brentwood Ice Rink. They skated with their teachers and peers, gliding around the rink.

Afterward, they returned to campus for lunch and additional wellness activities. They watched the movie Encanto as part of the Spanish curriculum. The movie takes place in Colombia, South America, and tells the story of Mirabel Madrigal, who was born into a magical family where everyone has a special gift except her. She’s tasked with finding out what’s endangering their town and protecting its magic miracle that has protected her family all these years.

Lastly, the day finished off with P.E. and time in the art studio. What a fun day of activities in the name of wellness!