First Graders Explore the MICDS Campus and History

As part of their year-long thematic study of community, 1st graders learned more about the MICDS community by exploring the history of the school and taking a campus tour with 1st grade parent and Director of Enrollment Management Eric Brunt ’02.

Students first conducted some research on the School by looking at photos of the MICDS community and campus from the past and present. They then prepared a thorough list of questions for Mr. Brunt in advance of their campus tours. Questions included historical ponderings such as, “What is the oldest building on campus?” (Danforth Hall, also known as the Middle School building). Other students expressed numerical curiosities, such as, “How many kids attend MICDS?” (1,240 students), and “How many sports fields are there?” (9 athletic fields and 15 tennis courts). One question stumped everyone – “How many doors are there on campus?” (our best guess – too many to count).

The beautiful fall weather set the stage for a picturesque stroll around MICDS’ Middle and Upper School campuses, places that Beasley Lower School students don’t visit on a regular basis, particularly this year with the pandemic. Mr. Brunt shared the history of the School, including important aspects of both Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School, along with information about the merger of the two predecessor schools into MICDS in 1992.

When they learned about the merger in front of Danforth Hall, students were surprised and entertained to hear that the School mascot was the Ramigator for a very brief period after the merger. In class later, they were ecstatic to get to draw their own Ramigators! As they walked the beautiful campus and admired the expansive athletic fields, they arrived at Polk Pond and learned that it is the home of several Upper School traditions, including the senior boat races.

They ventured on to Brauer Hall and McDonnell Hall on the Upper School campus, otherwise known as the STEM building. Standing in the courtyard between the two building wings, they learned about the 10,000-gallon underground rainwater harvesting tank that is used to significantly reduce water consumption in the building and help the environment. Their tour continued to the front of Olson Hall, near the flag pole, where they learned that 10 years ago, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the School, students from all divisions buried a time capsule for a distant-future generation of students to explore.

First Grade Teacher Robin Campbell said, “The goal is to help students gradually understand the history of our School community through photos past and present and by touring the expansive campus with Mr. Brunt – who has a wonderful perspective on MICDS as an alum, a parent of one of my students, and a staff member!”

Enjoy the photo reel below from the first grade’s study and tour of the MICDS community.