Student to-go Lunches with Flik

Flik’s Fabulous To-Go Lunch Service

If you ask our Rams what is one of their favorite times during the school day, chances are that you’ll hear many of them say, “Lunch!” Thanks to the wonderful work of our MICDS Flik staff, lunch is still being provided during this new distance learning chapter. Now served in a pick-up fashion, the new lunch service began on Monday, March 30 and will continue during the remainder of our distance learning time.

Flik and MICDS didn’t miss a beat when the Stay at Home Order in St. Louis County went into effect in March calling for schools that normally provide food services for students to continue to do so as a to-go service. Now, a pick-up-friendly lunch menu is curated each week by Mr. Ross Lough, Director of Dining Services. A sign-up form is emailed to parents and guardians featuring the following week’s menu, and those who sign up are instructed to collect lunch for their respective student(s) each day.

Check out a few photos below of our first week of Flik’s to-go lunch service in action!

After receiving responses from the initial sign-up form, our Rams families took the lunch service to an even greater level. Many asked if they could have the option to donate their student’s lunch to someone in need. This option has been added as part of the sign-up form. “We are glad to let you know that if you were unable to pick up your food or wanted to donate your student’s meals, we were able to work with Operation Food Search to find a place for those meals to feed those in need. Going forward, we will be able to help support several families in need, thanks to the families that have donated their meals,” said Lough.

“The team has been very supportive and able to adapt to the new form of our food service here on campus. Chef Dana and Chef Scott have been putting together a solid plan and making sure the food looks and tastes great. Also, I would like to thank my Assistant Director and School Dietitian Joy for making sure that all meals are nutritionally sound for the students.”

A big thank you to Lough, his entire Flik team and MICDS Chief Financial Officer Beth Miller for their care, adaptability and orchestration of this new lunch service program. Miller is proud of the program and the response. “The response to our lunch pick up service has been phenomenal,” she said. “Flik has done a wonderful job of preparing delicious, nutritious and aesthetically pleasing meals. Administrators have been greeting families at pick up because we really miss seeing students and their families. Increases in meal sign up for next week reflect the program’s success. In addition, we are so overwhelmed with the generosity of families donating their meals to those in need, reflecting our strong MICDS mission.”

We hope these fabulous Flik meals make distance learning a little easier on our Rams families and the greater community. Bon appétit!