Fourth Graders Tour Ecosystems at Shaw Nature Reserve

Fourth-grade scientists left campus this week to explore unique ecosystems at Shaw Nature Reserve. The reserve is managed by the Missouri Botanical Garden and is located in Gray Summit.

By visiting the reserve, students were able to experience a variety of Missouri’s ecosystems and complex and diverse geology. From prairies to woodlands to wetlands, there was plenty to explore.

“We had the best time on our field trip to Shaw Nature Reserve!” said Laura Pupilllo, Lower School Science Teacher. “We got to see firsthand some of Missouri’s finest ecosystems: forest, prairie, and wetland. While exploring, we also got to see some great wildlife. There were snakes (not too close, thankfully), so many different types of birds, box turtles, dragonflies, and even evidence of beavers.”

After a tasty lunch, students explored three indoor classes in which they reviewed many concepts from the year, including consumers, producers, and decomposers; identifying native Missouri animals through skulls and pelts; and exploring macroinvertebrates from the wetland.

“Bringing our trip to a close, we shared proud moments from this year and released wishes for ourselves and the world,” said Pupillo. What a great day for our fourth graders!