Fruits Matter: Asian Pears

Pears are the less-popular cousins of apples, which is a shame. They’re incredibly versatile, delectably sweet, and just as nutritious. This month, we’re pushing pears into the spotlight by featuring Asian Pears as our Fruits Matter focus. The Asian pear is a distinctive variety of pear with an apple-like texture. Unlike other pear varieties, they stay hard and do not soften, meaning they are ready to eat after purchasing. They are packing fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and many other micronutrients essential for our health.

Please swing by our Wellness table (located in each dining hall) and grab a recipe card for our signature Asian Pear Slaw. Or, enjoy our recipe for an Apple Pear Salad below and leave a comment on our website telling us what you thought!

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