Geography Bee Contestants Have a World of Knowledge

Eighth grader Aniket Bhogaraju ’28 claimed first place in the 2024 Middle School Geography Bee. Teachers gave a pre-test to their classes with the top 10 scores in each grade moving on to grade-level bees. The top two finishers from each grade moved on to the all-school bee held last Friday. 

The Geography Bee used to be a National Geographic event, but the organization stopped doing it during COVID. The MICDS History Department, however, thought it was important to give students a chance to show off their geography skills. As a result, many of the Geography Bee questions tie in with themes that students learn in their history classes.

Bhogaraju won the contest by answering this question:

Q: In which country would you find the old suq [sook], or marketplace, of Sanaa [sahn- AI]? 

A: Yemen 

Way to go, Aniket!

Can you answer ten of the first-round questions? Answers below.

  1. The Aleutian [a-LOOH-shun] Islands are part of which state—Hawaii or Alaska? 
  2. Which country does not border Lake Victoria: Tanzania, Uganda, or Nigeria?
  3. Which state that borders Connecticut is the smallest state in the U.S.? 
  4. Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin [SAN wah-KEEN] Valley are both located in which state? 
  5. Which state is bordered by Lake Erie and Kentucky? 
  6. Zürich is a major banking center in which European country? 
  7. Gondolas floating on canals are associated with which city in northern Italy? 
  8. The Puerto Rico Trench contains the deepest known part of which ocean? 
  9. In 1488, the Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias discovered what cape near the southernmost tip of Africa? 
  10. Sugar Loaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer stand above the harbor of what South American city? 



  1. Alaska 
  2. Nigeria 
  3. Rhode Island 
  4. California 
  5. Ohio 
  6. Switzerland 
  7. Venice 
  8. Atlantic Ocean 
  9. Cape of Good Hope 
  10. Rio de Janeiro