Getting “Red-Tube” Ready

Admission decisions for Fall 2022 are right around the corner, and we’re getting red tube-ready! The MICDS Admission Team and a group of student volunteers gathered to stuff the signature MICDS “Red Tubes,” a gesture that serves as the official kickoff to admission acceptance season.

Inside the tubes are loads of MICDS goodies such as stickers, pom poms, necklaces, and noisemakers, along with a letter welcoming new students to the School community.

A handful of student volunteers shared their Red Tube reflections:

“I remember being really confused because I didn’t know what it was. When I opened it, I was so excited to have the MICDS stuff, like the cowbell, pom pom, and flag. I felt like I was already part of the school. It was fun to be one of the only students from my previous school to go to MICDS and to have the tube to celebrate it.” – Abby Wyckoff ’24

“I was really anticipating mine because both of my older siblings got their own tube when they got in. I was freaked out for a while wondering if I got in, then I got it and I was really excited and finally relaxed.” – Sophie Reed ’24

“It was very exciting that I had been accepted to MICDS, and it felt very welcoming. I didn’t know it was coming and I knew when I opened it that I would have a lot of good memories at MICDS. I helped stuff the tubes this year because it’s always great to support the community, and I want all the new students to feel welcome when they come here next fall.” – Shil Penilla ’26

“I remember how nice the acceptance letter and the tube were when I received them. It was such a surprise. I still have my stuff because it’s a great memory to have of getting accepted. And now it’s fun to pack the tubes!” – Sebastian Harris ’26

“I was really excited, and there were a lot of MICDS goodies in it. It’s a symbol that I was officially accepted! I felt proud. I enjoy helping stuff the tubes now because I like seeing the process behind the scenes and welcoming the new students.” – PeiPei Huang ’25

“I remember what I felt when I opened my tube, and I wanted others to have the same experience. Plus, I wanted to see what it’s like behind the scenes. When my older sister got hers, I was so jealous so I was very excited when I got mine. It was joyful.” – Grant LaMartina ’25

The MICDS community is thrilled to welcome new students and their families to our community with this gesture in the coming weeks!