GlobalHack Youth Coding League Wraps Up Eventful Season

The GlobalHack Youth Coding League came to an end with an exciting and fun-filled day of competition on Saturday, December 2. The teams met once a week for 12 weeks to learn essential computer science skills. The students learned how to code in Python and each team developed an interactive video game based on Oregon Trail: Space Adventure and Blind Side Football. The competition had three parts: teamwork activities, presentation of code, and a live coding event. The students were fierce competitors and had a lot of fun. Team Cobra even took home some hardware, earning “Most Creative”!

Team Cobra: Thomas Hall ’22, Jai Lanka ’22 and Bogdan Hamilton ’22 (not pictured)
Team!Football: Sam Baumohl ’22, Sophie Fendler ’22, Olivia Thomas ’22 and Holt Tipton ’21, Winston Moore ’21 and Jon Lee ’21