International #BFast4Lunch : France

In March, our International Breakfast for Lunch program featured delectable French breakfast fare: Banana-Stuffed French Toast and Swiss Tomato Arugula Melts (pictured below). Both dishes were a hit but surprisingly, students opted more for the savory sandwich. Our lunch tastings are a great way for kids to try new things and for us to learn about what our students like. We encourage everyone who dines with us to try our International spreads, and to go to our school dining site to learn more about our programs.

Don’t forget – on April 8th, 2016, Chef Jet will be hosting an energetic cooking demonstration for grades 4-8 at MICDS! Students’ families are welcome to join us from 3-5pm for an open house event where they can meet Jet and learn more about our food service’s programming. So, be sure to clear your calendar and we look forward to seeing everyone on April 8th!

Who is Chef Jet?

Twitter: MICDS_Nutrition
Instagram: MICDS_Nutrition