January 2011 Events & Activities

An overview of upcoming Parents Association events and committee activities

January 2011 Events & Activities

Karen DiGasbarro 314-822-1042 kfctslouis@sbcglobal.net

PARENTS ACTIVITIES – Susan Johnston, Vice President sjohnston@earthlink.net

Julie Flom, Co-Chair, (314) 443-9659 jbflom@hotmail.com
Tracy Jasper, Co-Chair (314) 862-3501 tkjasper13@gmail.com

The MICDS 150th anniversary cookbooks make great last minute holiday gifts. You can pick up your copy anytime in the MICDS

Bookstore. Please email: Julie Flom at jbflom@hotmail.com or Tracy Jasper at tkjasper13@gmail.com with any questions.

Nancy McKown, Co-Chair (314) 962-5153 njcje@aol.com
Stacie Franc, Co-Chair (314) 991-8990 staciefranc@charter.net

PARENT EDUCATION – Susan Hiemenz, Vice President shiemenz@aol.com

Vicky Wroten, Chair, (314) 315-7700 vwroten@charter.net

Celebrating Heritage Months: Great success with Oktoberfest (German) in September, and the Tango Expo (Spanish) in October. In January we will be celebrating La Befana in the Italian class. Then in February, we will celebrate the Chinese New Year. In March we will celebrate Mardis Gras (French class) and the Passport event will be hosted by our Latin students on the afternoon of May 5 from 4-7 p.m. Anyone interested in helping in the Italian, Chinese, or French celebration, contact Vicky Wroten 314-315-7700 vwroten@charter.net.

International Exchange Programs: Students interested in going to Germany in the summer of 2011 (June 6-27 tentatively) need to contact Nancy Richardson nrichardson@micds.org for further details.

Students from China will be arriving in October of 2011. Host families are being confirmed at this time, so if any family is interested in hosting a Chinese student, contact Patrick Huewe phuewe@micds.org.

Passport event: Parent Consuls and Student ambassadors are needed to represent the following countries: Africa, Australia, brazil, Poland, Germany, Ireland, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, China, England, Greece, Korea, Finland, Israel, Bosnia, Egypt, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, Turkey, Sweden, Russia, Hispanic countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Rep, etc. On Thursday May 5, the event will begin at 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Volunteers will be setting up for this event at 3 p.m.

Marni Rebman, Chair (808) 268-5017 marnirebman@aol.com
Jen Goley, Vice-Chair (618) 781-4956 goley@sbcglobal.net

MICDS in partnership with The JCC presents:
An evening with Dr. Wendy Mogel: Raising Self-Reliant, Opimistic Children in Today’s World

Wendy Mogel is an internationally known clinical psycologist and author of the New York Times bestselling parenting book, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee which points the way to raising self-reliant, compassionate and ethical children. Her latest book The Blessing of a B Minus encourages parents to see beyond the drama of teenage crises and the competitiveness of college applications to the goal of raising resilient optimisic adults. Join us for her discussion of these two books. Following her presentation there will be an opportunity for questions and answers as well as a book signing.

Staenberg Hall at the JCC Mon 3/28 7:00-9:00 p.m.

BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE NOW IN THE MICDS BOOKSTORE – Look for further information including book discussion groups in the New Year.

Terry Parkinson, Chair (314) 517-6993 parkinson5000@yahoo.com
Stacey Goltermann, Vice-Chair (314) 304-4000 smglsg@swbell.net

The Summer Opportunities Fair will be hosted by MICDS this year, January 29, 2011! The Summer Opportunities Fair is where you can discover exciting programs for children ages 3 to 18. This exciting event is looking for parent volunteers to work on the committee. Contact Stacey Goltermann, smglsg@swbell.net, or Terry Parkinson, parkinson5000@yahoo.com to volunteer.

SCHOOL COMMUNITY RELATIONSPele Childress, Vice President peleann@msn.com


AFS – American Field Service

Stacey Carman, Chair (314) 422-9894 carmans@swbell.net

Kelley Carman, Vice-Chair (314) 852-9798 carman@sbcglobal.net

Suzanne Dalton, Chair (314) 614-3388 scdltn@yahoo.com

The 2010 Winter Masterworks Concert took place on Friday, December 10, at Mary Eliot Chapel and it was a great success. Dana Self and Jason Roberts conducted the Concert Choir, Bella Voce Choir and Chamber Choir who had the opportunity to perform with a professional orchestra. According to Mr. Self, “Vivaldi’s Gloria has challenged our young singers and exposed them to a new realm of choral literature.” Annie Trulaske, Hadley Edwards, Caroline Rouse, Kelsey Major and Natalie Sannes did a great job in each of their solos. Thanks to Tonia Angle and Di Meine who organized the dinner for all the musicians before their performance along with organizing the cookie and water reception at the end of the performance on behalf of Arts Backers.

US Drama

Cast List for Hairspray has been determined after one week of audition and call backs:

Tracy Blair O’Brien

Penny Natalie Sannes

Edna Andrew Huber

Wilbur Edward Wroten

Corny Collins Patrick Beecher

Velma Caroline Rouse

Amber Annie Trulaske

Link Josh Taylor

Seaweed Corey Collins

Prudy Lucy Ross

Dynamites Kelsey Major, Tori Peacock, Amanda Olivastro

Spritzer John Moore

Lou Ann Lily Cella

Brenda Maren Heller

Tammy Katherine Bush

Shelly Hattie Smith

Stella Stephanie Clark

Ella Erin Holiday

Maxine Chelsea Kim

Hadley Edwards

Max Michael Wallach

Fender Sam Streett

Brad Michael Davidson

IQ Devin Chabot

Sketch Zandar Galluppi

Wally Joe Goley

Featured singers Olivia Gacka,Ellie Condi, Nora Chapin-Eppert, Rishub Keelra, Akshara Narra, Louis Miller

Goldenberg Sayash Raj, Kyle Adamson

Baltimorans Lucy Lloyd, Courtney Ittner,

Lunsford Schock, Lily Reed, Chris Dorr

Motormouth Moyo Akande

Little Inez Anjola Akande

Record store groupies Deon Summerville, Daryl Curie, Tomi Gilliam, Yasmin Musaddiq,

Taylor Osuji, Cami Thomas, Kelsie Augustin, Naja Pulliam Collins Troy Moore, Leah Thomas

Practices began November 28, right after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is amazing since the previous Troubadours musicals have started their practices after the Christmas holiday. There is a huge acting cast totaling 53 which does not include the lighting, technical, and set design student list. These positions are presently being confirmed and will be finalized soon. Since the performances will be held February 24-27, Mrs. Hood, Mr. Self and Summer Beasley have undertaken on an incredible task of coordinating practices for the acting, dancing and singing portions of the musical. We are all looking forward to a phenomenal show! Last year there were 3 high schools in St. Louis that presented the musical Urinetown, but this year, the only other high school performing Hairspray in April/may will be Marquette.

MS Drama

SAVE THE DATE! Mrs. Dougherty is directing the 7th and 8th grade play and will be presenting the musical “Homeroom” next spring at Freeman Theatre on March 3, 4 and 5 at 7pm.

LS Drama

A Night at the Art Museum A Musical

The fourth graders will premiere a brand new musical: A group of students on a very special sleepover field trip to the art museum have close encounters with the spirits of master artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, and Pablo Picasso. The Ghostly Artists and the school children are swept up in a mystery when Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is stolen from its frame. Performances will be held during the school day in the Freeman Theatre.

Monday, May 16 — Day 4 (Both 4th grades Full Day Dress Rehearsals—without an audience)

Tuesday, May 17 — Day 5 (4A cast performs at 9:00, 4B performs at 2:00)

Wednesday, May 18 — Day 6 (4B cast performs at 10:00, 4A performs at 2:00

Felicia Pulliam-Jones, Co-Chair/US (314) 220-4020 fapj1215@sbcglobal.net
Linda Werner, Co-Chair/US (314) 432-4180 plknwerner@aol.com
Bonita Otti, Co-Chair/MS (314) 616-2011 tibyt@sbcglobal.net
Barbara Richert, Co-Chair/MS (314) 984-9724 barbara.richert@sbcglobal.net
Lisa Johnson, Co-Chair/LS (314) 989-0862 lijohn@charter.net
Jobie Summers, Co-Chair/LS (314) 276-0008 jobieandmeade@sbcglobal.net


Vicky Wroten, Chair MS/US (314) 315-7700 vwroten@charter.net
Michelle Cohen, Chair LS (314) 265-9684 michelle-cohen@sbcglobal.net
Anyone interested in helping the Admissions Office by becoming a Parent Ambassador, contact Vicky Wroten at 314-315-7700 vwroten@charter.net. You can have the opportunity of greeting and hosting events or conducting tours to help spread the great news about the wonderful learning experiences at MICDS.

Tracey Singer, Co-Chair, (314) 991-9006 tfs64@aol.com
Jane Southworth, Co-Chair, (314) 313-6472 janesw@charter.net

Michelle Cohen, Co-Chair (314) 265-9684 michelle-cohen@sbcglobal.net
Angela Martin, Co-Chair (314) 724-0946 mmartin05@aol.com
Tammy Walsh, Co-Chair (314) 469-1516 labtrw@aol.com

Lisa Windsor, Chair, (314) 965-0699 wtalyf@aol.com
Bev Mach, Vice-Chair (314) 750-1752 bevmach@sbcglobal.net

Happy Holidays and New Year from the Sports Boosters Committee! We still need your support. Please consider joining Sports Boosters this year by clicking here or downloading the form from the athletic portal. Thank you to all the parents who have already mailed in their membership form. We appreciate your support! Thanks and GO RAMS!!

Mary Murawski, Chair, (314) 567-6530 m.murawski@yahoo.com
Vicky Wroten, Co-Chair, (314) 315-7700 vwroten@charter.net

Please continue to donate gently used items: MS Choir shirts, PE clothing, Boy’s navy blazers, MICDS-logo’d sweatshirts and t-shirts, Graduation dresses and Graduation ties. Bring your donations to the receptacle at the MS checkered hallway or US May Hall lobby. If the needed size is available, your student can have it at no cost. Anyone interested in helping with collection and distribution efforts throughout the year, contact Mary Murawski m.murawski@yahoo.com 314-567-6530

SCHOOL SERVICES – Bev Mach, Vice President bevmach@sbcglobal.net

Laura Barnes, Co-Chair, (314) 997-2290 ldbarnes@mac.com
Martha Martin, Co-Chair, (314) 993-9659 marthamartin@sbcglobal.net


The Bookstore Committee needs your help! Please volunteer for a shift once a month. Sign up with a friend! There are usually 2-3 volunteers per shift. Several slots are available. Please call or email Martha Martin or Laura Barnes. They will help coordinate a time for you to work!

Laura Barnes ldbarnes@mac.com or 314-997-2290

Martha Martin marthahmartin@sbcglobal.net or 314-993-9659

Blair Thompson, Chair, (314) 569-0482 b_y_thompson@hotmail.com

Kim Pope, Chair (3618) 616-2655 kimpopealton@yahoo.com

*Do you have any live green ferns you don’t want to “winter over”? The MICDS Greenhouse Committee would love to take these off your hands. The ferns will be kept in the Greenhouse and used all winter for decorating around podiums, for banquets, alumni meetings, guest speakers or dances…etc.

*Do you need a green fern or pretty live plant for your next school function? Call the Greenhouse Committee.

CONTACTS: Judith Stupp (314) 968-1462 or Kim Pope (618) 616-2655


Tracy Matrantuono, Co-Chair/US, (314) 963-9790 tam0420@sbcglobal.net
Barbara Richert, Co-Chair/MS, (314) 984-9724 barbara.richert@sbcglobal.net
Chalana Scales-Ferguson, Co-Chair/LS (314) 838-7705 chalanaf@sbcglobal.net

Chalana Scales-Ferguson, Chair/US, (314) 838-7705 chalanaf@sbcglobal.net
Leanne Morgan, Chair/LS, (314) 479-5328 lbones@sbcglobal.net

Peggy Sannes, Chair/US, (314) 775-5557 peggysannes44@gmail.com
Dee Anne Sjogren, Chair/MS, (314) 602-6295 dsjogren@thompsoncoburn.com

Amy Kalishman, Chair/LS, (314) 997-5111 jfkask@aol.com