JK Roly Polies

The Scientific Method is on a “Roll” in JK

Junior Kindergartners had an interesting week in science class with Ms. Christy Moore. They engaged in the scientific method while learning about and experimenting with roly polies.

Students collected roly polies outside first. Then, each student observed a roly poly in a petri dish with a magnifying glass. Observations ranged from “My roly poly is fast!” to “My roly poly looks so small; it must be a baby.” Then, they gathered to ask questions, such as “Can roly polies swim?” and “Can roly polies climb?” They then performed experiments to answer some of these questions. One of the experiments involved roly polies climbing up different surfaces, including the students’ fingers! Did you know that roly polies have a hard time climbing up glass because the surface is too smooth? The children even collected data and drew conclusions from the experiment.

This hands-on approach to learning the scientific method will serve the JK’ers well throughout their educational journey at MICDS. Cheers for our JK scientists!