JK Students enjoy the pool

JK Students Plunge Into the Pool

This week, the Junior Kindergarteners had their chance to splash around in the William R. Orthwein Sr. Pool. With an 8 a.m. start time, it was the perfect way to start their mornings. MICDS Director of Aquatics Programs and Facilities Khannie Dastgah led the sessions, teaching water techniques such as kicking, blowing bubbles and more. Junior Kindergarten teachers along with P.E. teachers also took a dip as they guided the students through each of the exercises. The good news is, while there were a few timid swimmers at the beginning of the week, that number drastically decreased by the end of the week.The session ended on Friday with parents watching what the students had learned.

“It was so wonderful having our Beasley students at the Steward Family Aquatic Center! We watched their comfort levels grow every day as they became more confident in the water,” said Khannie.

When the Steward Family Aquatic Center and William R. Orthwein Sr. Pool was built, members of the Steward family had a vision for the new facility—to give children access to water safety skills at an early age. Now that most of the Lower Schoolers have participated in swim units during their physical education classes, that vision has officially become a reality.