Junior Kindergarten Shares Their Wishes

Each December, during their Peace on Earth unit, Junior Kindergarten teachers Bridget Wallace and Ginny Otto create a bulletin board that includes a mural of the earth, shooting stars, hearts, and their students’ wishes for the world.

“We ask the students to think of something that would make the world a better place for everyone,” said Wallace. “This is a big idea and a different way of thinking when you are four or five.” The wishes are always heartfelt and adorable, and a favorite stop for anyone passing through Beasley.

This year, with the help of Robyn Williams, Lower School Coordinator of Instructional Technology, the Class of 2037 took their project a step further, creating a video as part of their project-based learning experience. This is a new way for students to share their Wishes for the World with everyone, even those who might not have a chance to visit their hallway bulletin board.

Williams worked with the children in small groups in the makerspace. They took turns standing in front of a green screen to say their message. “They got to preview their video. If they liked it, they gave a thumbs up, and if they didn’t, they got to re-do it,” said Williams. She edited the video using several software programs until she found the one that gave her the effect she wanted, with randomized versions of falling snow as the background and the students standing in a snow globe. She added text and music, and voila! The JK wishes came to life! Although Williams worked on compiling the video, she found herself with tears in her eyes the day it was debuted in a Lower School assembly. “To finally see it up there and see the messages they were sharing with their entire school…it was the sweetest!” She also took time to check out the reactions of the JK stars themselves. “They were smiling, and their faces were beaming! It was cute to hear the audience’s reaction, too. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging.”

Wallace agreed. “The JKers were very proud to see themselves up there, and they did a fantastic job!”

Please enjoy these wishes from our Junior Kindergarten class. What wishes do you have for our world?

Thank you, Class of 2037, for reminding us to be generous and grateful, and for your wonderful wishes!