JK Students at the Butterfly House

Junior Kindergarten Students Visit the Butterfly House

The Junior Kindergarten students were all aflutter this week on Tuesday when they took a field trip to The Butterfly House in Faust Park. The visit, led by teachers Bridget Wallace and Ginny Otto, was part of their larger study of butterflies and their life cycles.

At The Butterfly House, each student got to experience the butterfly life cycle themselves by pretending to transform from a caterpillar breaking out of a chrysalis to become a fluttering butterfly. After a mini lesson, they got to visit the butterflies in the conservatory, smell herbs and play on the playground before returning back to campus.
In the classroom, students have watched butterflies grow through the butterfly life cycle as well, from cocoon and caterpillar stages. Following Tuesday’s field trip, the Junior Kindergarten class released their butterflies at the Polk Family Pond.
Learning is certainly always in the air here at MICDS!