Learning Takes Flight in SK and 1st Grade

Time flies when you’re having fun learning in senior kindergarten and 1st grade! Lower School art and science collaborated recently on a socially distanced lesson that transformed SK and 1st grade students into beautiful birds, much to their delight!

Students were participating in a Journey North Citizen Science experience in which they tried to attract robins. “Robins are a unique bird species in that many migrate south, but some also stay local if the conditions are favorable,” shares Lower School Science Teacher Laura Pupillo. “We set out a robin feeding station and got into the bird-watching mode by being birds ourselves in our newly-designed wings.” After creating their very own bird wings out of foam core board in Visual Art Specialist Sarah Garner’s art class, students flocked to the garden area by Beasley to search for their fellow feathered friends.

Wearing the wings helped them stay socially distant which is important in this time of the coronavirus pandemic. “The lesson also taught them about symmetry in art and helped them recognize how our differences make us special,” says Garner. Each student used acrylic paint to decorate their wings in their own unique way. They incorporated sequins, feathers, and colorful foam shapes in this fun activity.

What a fun way to learn about robins, symmetry, and how we are all special! Way to go, birds SK and 1st graders!