Learning the Impact of Changemakers

“At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of MLK Jr. Day this year, Senior Kindergarteners recently created portraits of Martin Luther King Jr. during their Changemakers Unit. In this unit, the students are exploring the work of activists and philanthropists who are making or have made a positive change in the world. Some of the topics include civil rights, disability, women’s rights, and community building.

Our SK students shared the following reflections on Martin Luther King Jr.:

“The thing I like about Martin Luther King is he made the world a better place.” – Emina O. ’33
“I like that Martin Luther King changed the world so that black people and white people can do stuff together.” – Josie N. ’33
“I think he is very right, that people should get along with each other.” – Ayla B. ’33
“He is really brave because he talks to people to make a change. If they don’t listen, I think he might say ‘please.'” – Jack L. ’33
“He brings the world love.” – Fletcher W. ’33
“He is a really human. I like him so much.” – Henry W. ’33

Whether the impact is large or small, the focus is on the positive results of the peaceful movements for change.