From the Desk of Jay Rainey – August 23, 2019

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first issue of Weekly News for the 2019-2020 school year. This is a wonderful resource, and I do hope you take advantage of it each week. You will receive vital School announcements, helpful information from the Parents Association and your Class Chairs, and links to feature articles that tell our MICDS stories.

I’ve already been gathering my own stories over the course of this first week of the academic year. I am so happy that I have been able to spend so much time with students of all ages since Tuesday. I enjoyed greeting Upper and Middle School students at their assemblies, sharing my thoughts on our community and how to make it even stronger. We talked about dignity, gratitude and wonder and how important it is to begin each day with three questions: What will I do today to take care of myself? What will I do to support my friends and family? What will I do to dignify and respect people I do not know? This week I enjoyed serving lunch to students in all three divisions, and, when my “shifts” ended, I even dined with a few of my customers. I helped out with Beasley carpool, greeting parents and the littlest members of our MICDS family. I attended an engaging Upper School English class at the invitation of Ms. Mittler. In short, I immersed myself in the energy and excitement of a truly outstanding school. Being out and about on campus is the best way for me to experience what it means to be an MICDS student, teacher or parent today.

We have planned a variety of events this fall at which I can get to know even more of you. Please take advantage of these opportunities to tell me about the connections you’ve made and the difference we can make together in your child’s life. Share with me what MICDS means to you. Our mutual dedication to the children you have entrusted to our care is the foundation of our partnership, and I am looking forward to learning from and working with you to strengthen our dynamic community.

Until next week…

Jay Rainey
Head of School