Liz Schmidt ’23 Takes a Swim as the First College Admit

This year, a longstanding tradition held fast as Liz Schmidt ’23, the first senior accepted into college, was ceremoniously tossed into Polk Pond. Schmidt was accepted to Iowa State, and Upper Schoolers, faculty, friends, and family cheered her on as she took the plunge. She was so excited she even jumped back in for a second dip!

“While on my college search, Iowa State was one of the schools I felt like I really wanted to go to; getting in there so early felt like a relief!” said Schmidt. “Then hearing that I was the first senior accepted into a college was so exciting. I remember telling my friends the news and they were all so happy! So many people in my class were asking me about the pond toss and talking to many people in my grade who I usually don’t talk to often was really fun. Something I’m learning in the process of all of the college crazy-ness is: if you’re having trouble finding that perfect school, don’t fret! Soon you will find that special place for you. One of the things I am most excited about regarding my soon-to-be college experience is being independent and beginning that journey of being an adult. Thinking about how that all is coming up so soon excites me and makes me a little nervous.

“The pond toss was super fun! At first, I was pretty anxious, but I am so grateful my awesome friends were there to cheer me on for the big event! As soon as I got onto the smaller platform, I instantly knew I was going to have fun. So many people around the pond were cheering me on, and my family showed up to support me, too. During freshman year, I remember watching the pond toss, wondering what that experience would be like, and getting the chance to participate in this MICDS tradition was a blast!”

Congratulations, Liz, on your acceptance and continuing the tradition!