Lower School Gathers in Community to Kick Off the Year

Last Thursday, friends at Beasley gathered for the first time as a Lower School community this year. The students, faculty and staff gathered in the Beasley music studio to kick off the school year, and this meeting had a special guest: new Head of School Jay Rainey!

Mr. Rainey talked to the students about his vision for this school year, which includes being kind and respectful toward each other and teachers. He explained that it’s important to build a community where everyone takes care of themselves, takes care of each other and takes care of their School.

All the Lower School students then joined together to sing a special Beasley song, and new community members were quick to learn the lyrics and the motions, including Mr. Rainey! Lower School Music Teacher Barbara Spieler composed We Clap Our Hands For Beasley School a few years ago. Beasley teachers often share the book The Golden Rule with students at the beginning of the year, so our young learners are familiar with the “golden rule” of giving and receiving respect, kindness and compassion.

We Clap Our Hands for Beasley School:

We clap our hands for Beasley School,
We clap our hands for the Golden Rule.
We try our best every day
To care for each other in our work and play.

We stomp our feet for Beasley School….

We shake it up for Beasley School….

We give a cheer for Beasley School….


After the program, Mr. Rainey stuck around to visit with Lower Schoolers. He shook hands and exchanged pet information, sharing facts about Silas and learning about one friend’s pug who is named “Tim.” It was hard to tell who was having a better time: the children or our new Head of School.