Lower School Guest Artist Shevare’ Perry Shares Poetry and Portraits

This week Beasley art students were visited by St. Louis artist Shevare’ Perry.

Shevare’ began her visit at a Beasley assembly where students listened to a poetry reading written by Ms. Perry. Her poetry worked in tandem with a multimedia slideshow as the images on the screen corresponded with the words and story she was telling. The poem introduced a character named Wynk from the distant future. In the poem, Wynk travels back in time to meet several people who share multiple perspectives, and at the end of the poem, Shevare’ shared portraits she created of each person Wynk traveled back in time to meet – artists such as Josephine Baker, Diana Ross and Erykah Badu.

Throughout the rest of the day, students worked on self-portraits inspired by Shevare’ Perry’s artwork as she gave tips and feedback on their creations.

Thank you Ms. Perry for visiting with our Beasley students!