Lower Schoolers Create Art Recipes to Help Fight Hunger

Have you ever heard of the Students Rebuild Challenge? What about an art recipe? Lower School artists have heard of both!

The Students Rebuild Challenge connects K-12 students worldwide in a common effort to make a difference while giving them the tools and flexibility needed to learn their own way. This year, the challenge tasks participants with helping write the recipe for ending hunger. With tens of millions of children around the world going to bed hungry or malnourished each night, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic adding to the issue of food insecurity, the Students Rebuild Challenge inspires students to make a difference in ending hunger through creating art recipes.

What is an art recipe? “An art recipe is part art project, part philanthropy and part immersion in global learning,” shares Lower School Visual Arts Teacher Sarah Garner. “Beasley artists were invited to create an art recipe that included ingredients and instructions for a recipe with illustrations. The recipe could be for a favorite dish or it could be a metaphorical recipe like a recipe for friendship. It could be on paper, a paper plate, it could be collaged, or painted; it just had to represent a recipe.”

Once each art recipe is created, it’s submitted to the Students Rebuild Challenge. For every art recipe submitted, the Bezos Family Foundation donates money to fight hunger. So far, Beasley artists from junior kindergarten through 4th grade have contributed enough art recipes that add up to around $400 donated to fight hunger!

Thank you to our Lower School artists who turned in recipes for kindness, friendship and their favorite dishes to support an important cause during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out some of their art recipes below!


Want to make your own art recipe? Follow these instructions here or in the video below, and submit the recipe to Ms. Garner at sgarner@micds.org. The challenge ends on June 26.