Lower Schoolers Engage With Spanish

Soledad Villagomez, Lower School Spanish Teacher, sends in this wonderful report:

This week in Spanish, students in different grades in the Lower School not only practiced essential questions and answers, sang greetings and goodbye songs, and practiced body movements, but they also listened to a book called Hasta Que Podamos Abrazarnos (Until We Can Hug).

The book is about two friends, a porcupine and a turtle, who love each other and want to hug each other or play together, but they cannot do so. The two friends find creative ways to express their love to each other and to continue being connected from a distance.

First, they greet each other by making funny faces and laughing with each other. Secondly, they write and send letters for each other. Thirdly, they dance and blow air kisses to each other. Then, the turtle sings a song to the porcupine who plays a musical instrument along with it. Finally, both of them draw a beautiful rainbow for everyone to know that they are friends. The porcupine and turtle know that even though they could not touch or hug each other, they still love each other.

What a great book for this time! The children were delighted and enjoyed learning how two socially-distanced friends stay close. Want to listen to this story in Spanish with your Lower Schooler? Check out this video!