Lower Schoolers Share Their Talents

These past two weeks, many of our Beasley friends had the opportunity to share some of their amazing talents with their friends and parents.

Lower School Music Teacher Mrs. Barb Spieler began each program by talking about how she sometimes gets nervous when she has to perform. Many students nod their heads empathetically, and most of them made the “me, too” sign language gesture. Spieler then shared a helpful trick for boosting self-confidence: striking a superhero pose! The students leaped to their feet and pretended to be flying through the air or flexed their muscles. Giggles abounded and stress abated. Then, the classes discussed what it means to be a good audience, including listening intently and using positive body language to help performers feel at ease. Finally, students reviewed how to bow correctly, and Spieler offered yet another helpful tip: look all the way down at your shoes as you bow, and think, “Mary had a little lamb” to ensure your bow is long enough.

Then the show began! From piano solos, stand-up comedy and a cello performance to dance routines, impressions, a rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and more, these student stars shined brightly! Congratulations to all of our wonderful performers. Thank you for sharing your special talents!