Kids in nature

Youngest Learners Explore The Green Center and The Magic House

SKers Embrace Learning at The Green Center

Senior Kindergarten students had the opportunity to interact with nature last Friday at The Green Center, a collection of natural areas located within Kaufman Park in University City, Missouri. Students enjoyed a day of hands-on discovery outdoors. They looked for different shapes, colors and textures while exploring in the prairie, woods, herb garden and discovery garden.

A Magical Day in JK

Our Junior Kindergartners visited the Magic House last week as part of their year-long study of habitats. When they study the desert habitat, they build a classroom town based on an idea in the book Roxaboxen. Visiting the Children’s Village at the Magic House gives them a chance to practice working in a town. It’s the perfect, concrete example that their teachers refer to when they’re in the process of building their own town!

Tying the lesson in with current events, JKers voted on what places they should have in their town on Tuesday, Election Day. What does a town built by five-year-olds have? Our’s includes a flower shop, a museum, a Donut King/Pancake House, a house, a bank and even a water park!