March 2011 Parents Association Events and Activities

An overview of Upcoming Parent Association volunteer committee activities

Karen DiGasbarro, 314-822-1042,

AFS – American Field Service
Stacey Carman, Chair (314) 422-9894
Kelley Carman, Vice-Chair (314) 852-9798
MICDS is currently looking for a family to host a foreign exchange student for the 2011-2012 school year.  If you are interested in learning more about this rewarding opportunity for your family, please see the AFS host family link for further information. Contact AFS sponsors: Nancy Richardson or Ana Saldana For additional information please review the following website:
PARENTS ACTIVITIES – Susan Johnston, Vice President
Julie Flom, Co-Chair, (314) 443-9659
Tracy Jasper, Co-Chair (314) 862-3501
The MICDS 150th anniversary cookbooks are available anytime in the MICDS Bookstore. They are $15 a copy. Please contact Julie Flom at or Tracy Jasper at with any questions.


Nancy McKown, Co-Chair (314) 962-5153
Stacie Franc, Co-Chair (314) 991-8990
Spring is just around the corner, so
Join us for the MICDS Spring Luncheon on MAY 12.
Celebrate the end of the school year with a delicious lunch in the company of your friends and fellow parents. Details to come soon- look for the flyer in the spring mailing!
PARENT EDUCATION – Susan Hiemenz, Vice President

Anyone interested in registering for the Marine Ecology class held this summer, please do so as soon as possible by registering on line (choose Academic Excellence and scroll down to Eliot Summer Academy). This course is offered for Grades 10-12 involving summer dates of July 5-20 with a cost of $3900. Contact Sarah Tolch 314-995-7450 x7507 or if you have any questions.
Course description: This course will give students the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of coral reef ecology and marine biology research design. Currently, coral reefs are in danger of dying off due to a variety of causes. The study, understanding, and conservation of this ecosystem is paramount to maintaining their continued existence on earth. The course will begin in St. Louis with significant background research into issues relating to this ecosystem. On July 7, students and faculty will fly to the Cayman Islands where they will spend eight days at the Little Cayman Research Center conducting research and experiencing the natural splendor of coral reef ecosystems. Upon return, the class will debrief and present their research. All students must be SCUBA certified. SCUBA training will be offered on the MICDS campus as part of the course.
The prerequisite classes are: 101 Cells, 201 Genetics, 141 Atomic Structure, 251 Reaction Quantites (or equivalent)
Vicky Wroten, Chair, (314) 315-7700
Celebrating Cultural Heritage Months:
FRENCH MARDI GRAS TASTE FEST: Thanks to all the MS and US French students along with the Confection Connection club who baked fabulous French desserts (croissants, chocolate mousse, king cakes, crème puffs, éclairs, doughnuts, horns, apple tort, mardi gras cupcakes) for the Mardi Gras Taste Fest of Wed March 2nd. I am so grateful to Maureen Hurley, Kay Houghtaling, and Keiko Miller who helped me decorate the Blanke Room to set the mood for our festivities. Susan Hiemenz, Daisy Archie, Kay Houghtaling and Maureen Hurley were the best hostesses for our event, especially for the wonderful crepe bar that many of the parents sponsored.
MICDS Passport event:
The Latin students and the International Council will be hosting our MICDS Passport event to be held on Thursday, May 5, from 4-7 p.m. There will be tables representing countries throughout the MS Library, Harris Room, and the Alumnae Room organized by continents. Parent Consuls and Student Ambassadors will be actively promoting their country with interactive and educational activities.
We NEED your help, so if you are interested in participating, contact Vicky Wroten 314-315-7700. Please advise which country you are interested in helping with: Africa, Brazil, Poland, Germany, France, Japan, China, Greece, India, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Italy, England, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Korea, Spain, and Mexico
Marni Rebman, Chair (808) 268-5017
Jen Goley, Vice-Chair (618) 781-4956
Are you in a book group? Looking for recommendations?
How about Dr. Wendy Mogel’s The Blessing of a Skinned Knee or her new book, The Blessing of a B Minus. Check out her reader’s guide on her website,, to help facilitate a great discussion.
In addition SAVE THE DATE
The J and MICDS are hosting Dr. Mogel on the evening of Monday, March 28 for:
Raising Self-Reliant, Optimistic Children in Today’s World: an Evening with Dr. Wendy Mogel
Internationally acclaimed clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author of the classic work, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, and her new book, The Blessing of a B Minus, is coming to St. Louis. Dr. Mogel will share her celebrated perspectives on raising a family, Monday, March 28, 7:30 – 9 p.m. at the Staenberg Family Complex at the Jewish Community Center (the J) in Creve Coeur. The event is co-sponsored by MICDS and the J. Two tickets for each MICDS family are available for free at the MICDS Bookstore until March 11. Additional tickets will be sold for the event at $10 for individuals and $15 for two in the bookstore or can be ordered online at, or calling the J ticket office at 314-442-3191, or in person the J locations in Creve Coeur and Chesterfield. The event is expected to sell out, so early reservations are recommended.
We encourage you to bring your self and your students (7th-12th grade). MICDS will also be continuing the conversation through a series of discussions during the month of April after this event. Look for additional details closer to the event.
Suzanne Dalton, Chair (314) 614-3388
LS drama: A Night at the Art Museum. The Fourth Graders will premiere a brand new musical: A group of students on a very special sleepover field trip to the art museum have close encounters with the spirits of master artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Pablo Picasso. The Ghostly Artists and the school children are swept up in a mystery when Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is stolen from its frame. Performances will be held during the school day in the Freeman Theatre.
Tuesday, May 17 — Day 5 (4A cast performs at 9:00, 4B performs at 2:00)
Wednesday, May 18 — Day 6 (4B cast performs at 10:00, 4A performs at 2:00)
US drama:
Hairspray: what a great triumph for Ms. Hood, Mr. Huber, Mr. Self and Ms. Beasley and their fabulous production! Every performance was sold out and filled with so much excitement as the audience enjoyed the quality singing and dancing of all performers. It was clear that everyone in the audience could not “stop the beat” as they enjoyed the music from the rock-n-roll era of the 60’s and the teen dancing in the Corny Collins TV show (like the American Bandstand). It was completely evident that every single actor was so engaged in their character and the hard work paid off. The tech crew produced a fabulous show and everyone enjoyed the bright and lively costumes along with the superb set design. Thanks to all of the many Troubadours’ Mom-volunteers that helped make the intermission receptions, hair and make-up such a great success.
Arsenic & Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring
What starts out as a nice, romantic character play from the 1930’s turns into a bizarre farce when we find out how the aging Brewster sisters take care of lonely gentlemen boarders. Throw in a brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt and a criminal nephew who travels with his own plastic surgeon and you have a classic comedy. Performances will take place April 15-17, 2011.
Felicia Pulliam-Jones, Co-Chair/US (314) 220-4020
Linda Werner, Co-Chair/US (314) 432-4180
Bonita Otti, Co-Chair/MS (314) 616-2011
Barbara Richert, Co-Chair/MS (314) 984-9724
Lisa Johnson, Co-Chair/LS (314) 989-0862
Jobie Summers, Co-Chair/LS (314) 276-0008
Vicky Wroten, Chair MS/US (314) 315-7700
Michelle Cohen, Chair LS (314) 265-9684
Anyone interested in helping the admission office by becoming a Parent Ambassador, contact Vicky Wroten at 314-315-7700 You can have the opportunity of greeting and hosting events or conducting tours to help spread the great news about the wonderful learning experiences at MICDS.
Tracey Singer, Co-Chair, (314) 991-9006
Jane Southworth, Co-Chair, (314) 313-6472
Michelle Cohen, Co-Chair (314) 265-9684
Angela Martin, Co-Chair (314) 724-0946
Tammy Walsh, Co-Chair (314) 469-1516
MAY 3RD 8am – 3:30pm – TUES
MAY 4TH 9am – 3:30 pm – WED
*MAY 5th 8am – 3:30pm – THURS
Lisa Windsor, Chair, (314) 965-0699
Bev Mach, Vice-Chair (314) 750-1752
Senior Athletic Awards Night is scheduled for Sunday, May 15, 2011. If your child has received 5 or more Varsity letters (earned by playing, managing, or training a sport) by graduation, they will be honored that evening. Please send one “action” picture of your child participating in their sport of choice to Bonita Berry in the MICDS athletic office. Their photo will be included in the evening’s presentation. Any questions, call Bonita Berry at 995-7477 / or Lisa Windsor at 965-0699 /
If you have not yet joined Sports Boosters, please consider doing so by clicking here or downloading the form from the athletic portal. Your contributions help improve the athletic program, which directly benefits our athletes. Thanks and GO RAMS!
Mary Murawski, Chair, (314) 567-6530
Vicky Wroten, Co-Chair, (314) 315-7700
MICDS Spirit Wear Closet is…
a place where you can donate your gently used MICDS clothing or request the same! With spring around the corner, clean out your closets and help others in our school community!
WHO: All members of the MICDS family – anyone can share and anyone can receive, if the needed size is available.
WHAT: MS Choir shirts Boy’s navy blazers PE clothing
Graduation dresses Graduation ties
MICDS-logo’d sweatshirts and T-shirts
WHEN: throughout the school year and summer
WHERE: Bring your donations to the Spirit Wear box in the MS checkered hallway or the US May Hall lobby.
WHY: Community helping community – Help recycle those gently worn items – donate them so others can benefit from your gift! PE clothing with names are accepted. All unused items will be donated to a charity in Peru that Mrs. Schultz (LS Spanish Teacher) sponsors.
SCHOOL SERVICES – Bev Mach, Vice President
Laura Barnes, Co-Chair, (314) 997-2290
Martha Martin, Co-Chair, (314) 993-9659
The Bookstore Committee needs your help! Please volunteer for a shift once a month. Sign up with a friend! There are usually 2-3 volunteers per shift. Several slots are available. Please call or email Martha Martin or Laura Barnes. They will help coordinate a time for you to work!
Laura Barnes or 314-997-2290
Martha Martin or 314-993-9659
Blair Thompson, Chair, (314) 569-0482
Spring is just around the corner! The Gardening Committee needs volunteers to help with the annual spring campus planting. We will be very busy during the week of April 25-29 (finalized dates/times TBD), preparing the campus for May Day and other spring events, and we could use lots of help. No experience necessary, just a willingness to get a little dirty and enjoy the fresh spring air!
Contact Blair Thompson ( 314-569-0482) or Laura Streett ( 314-716-3213) to volunteer.
Kim Pope, Chair (3618) 616-2655
Do you need a green fern or pretty live plant for your next school function? Call the Greenhouse Committee.
CONTACTS: Judith Stupp (314) 968-1462 or Kim Pope (618) 616-2655
Chalana Scales-Ferguson, Chair/US, (314) 838-7705
Leanne Morgan, Chair/LS, (314) 479-5328