Math and Science Faculty Participate in the STEM Retreat

Math and Science Faculty Participate in STEM Retreat

MICDS Math and Science faculty engaged in a STEM Retreat focused on learning more about and creating Formative Assessments with Page Keeley. The two-day STEM Retreat focused on an array of Formative Assessment Strategies in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and probes for integrated STEM topics. Informed by this discussion, MICDS faculty began writing their own assessment probes, collecting data and analyzing science/STEM education research regarding specific misconceptions to improve formative assessment in the classroom.

Page Keeley directs projects in the areas of leadership, professional development, standards and research on learning, formative assessment, and mentoring and coaching, and consults with school districts and organizations nationally. She is a frequent speaker at national conferences and served as the 63rd President of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).