May 2011 Parents Association Events & Activities

An overview of upcoming Parents Association volunteer committee activities
May 2011 Events & Activities

Karen DiGasbarro 314-822-1042

PARENTS ACTIVITIES – Susan Johnston, Vice President

Julie Flom, Co-Chair, (314) 443-9659
Tracy Jasper, Co-Chair (314) 862-3501
The MICDS  150th anniversary cookbooks are available anytime in the MICDS Bookstore.  They are $15 a copy.
PARENT EDUCATION – Susan Hiemenz, Vice President
Vicky Wroten, Chair, (314) 315-7700

Passport to the World Event: We our postponing our Passport event until next year. Details will be forthcoming. Please keep your participation in this event in mind when you plan your activities for next year.

Marni Rebman, Chair (808) 268-5017
Jen Goley, Vice-Chair (618) 781-4956

SCHOOL COMMUNITY RELATIONSPele Childress, Vice President

AFS – American Field Service
Stacey Carman, Chair (314) 422-9894
Kelley Carman, Vice-Chair (314) 852-9798
MICDS is currently looking for a family to host a foreign exchange student for the 2011-2012 school year.  If you are interested in learning more about this rewarding opportunity for your family, please see the AFS host family link for further information. Contact AFS sponsors: Nancy Richardson or Ana Saldana For additional information please review the following website:
Suzanne Dalton, Chair (314) 614-3388
Felicia Pulliam-Jones, Co-Chair/US (314) 220-4020
Linda Werner, Co-Chair/US (314) 432-4180
Bonita Otti, Co-Chair/MS (314) 616-2011
Barbara Richert, Co-Chair/MS (314) 984-9724
Lisa Johnson, Co-Chair/LS (314) 989-0862
Jobie Summers, Co-Chair/LS (314) 276-0008
Vicky Wroten, Chair MS/US (314) 315-7700
Michelle Cohen, Chair LS (314) 265-9684
Thanks to all of the Parent Ambassadors who made our admission events such a great success this year! Our touring season is complete, but if you want to get a head start in training to become a tour guide for next year, and becoming a Parent Ambassador, contact Vicky Wroten at 314-315-7700 You can have the opportunity of greeting and hosting events or conducting tours to help spread the great news about the wonderful learning experiences at MICDS.
Lisa Windsor, Chair, (314) 965-0699
Bev Mach, Vice-Chair (314) 750-1752
Sports Boosters was proud to continue the tradition of hosting the Senior Athletic Awards Night on May 15. Congratulations to our seniors who earned five or more Varsity letters in their athletic careers at MICDS! Events like this would not be possible without the support of our parent membership. Because of your continued support, a gift from Sports Boosters will be made to the middle and upper school athletic departments. Thank you again for your support! Have a wonderful summer and GO RAMS!
Mary Murawski, Chair, (314) 567-6530
Vicky Wroten, Co-Chair, (314) 315-7700
We are so grateful to parents, who continue to donate gently used items: MS Choir shirts, PE clothing, Boy’s navy blazers, MICDS-logo’d sweatshirts and t-shirts, Graduation dresses and Graduation ties. Bring your donations to the receptacle at the MS checkered hallway or US May Hall lobby. If the needed size is available, your student can have it at no cost. Anyone interested in helping with collection and distribution efforts throughout the year, contact Mary Murawski  314-567-6530
SCHOOL SERVICES – Bev Mach, Vice President
Laura Barnes, Co-Chair, (314) 997-2290
Martha Martin, Co-Chair, (314) 993-9659
The Bookstore Committee needs your help! Please volunteer for a shift once a month. Sign up with a friend! There are usually 2-3 volunteers per shift.    Please call or email Tracey Singer or Jane Southworth to volunteer for the 2011-2012 school year. They will help coordinate a time for you to work!
Tracey Singer  314-991-9006 or
Jane Southworth 314-99-0717 or
Blair Thompson, Chair, (314) 569-0482
Kim Pope, Chair (3618) 616-2655