MICDS Bikers Raise over $30,000 for Cancer Research

By Becky Ferber ’12
Note: This article originally appeared on October 8, 2011, in the MICDS student newspaper, The Voice, at thevoice.micds.org.

For the second consecutive year, MICDS took part in St. Louis’s Pedal the Cause fundraiser for cancer research. The event included bike races for all different levels, ranging from 15 to 75 miles. Last year, under the leadership of Blake Adamson, sophomore, a team of MICDS riders participated in the race against cancer. The MICDS Ram Riders team was 110 riders strong and was supported by MICDS volunteers at the refueling station in C Lot. There, student, teacher and parent volunteers assisted riders, who could stop in for some water, use the restrooms or rest up for the remainder of the ride.

From 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., riders were greeted with cheers from over 30 8th graders, the football team, the cheerleaders and a combination of other Upper School students and faculty. Lion’s Choice brought a trailer by to hand out coupons, and a hired DJ provided music.

“Seeing everyone at the fueling station was fantastic,” Adamson, a cancer survivor, said.

Jametria Wright, senior and cheerleader, enjoyed being there as well. “There was a lot of positive energy,” Wright said. “The bikers needed a lot of support and cheering to get them through it.”

The scene was rowdy and fostered a great sense of community, Cathy Leitch, history teacher, said.

The amount of bikers peaked at 10 a.m., hundreds of them taking advantage of fruit, Cliff Bars, energy shots and chocolate energy candies. Volunteers were provided with their own stash of sandwiches, sodas and fruit.

The MICDS Ram Riders were greeted with cheers as they pulled into the refueling station. While the majority of the riders were sophomores, every grade in the Upper School and faculty were represented as well.

Dr. Nancy Richardson, German teacher and head of community service, organized the event.
Not only did the fundraiser help raise awareness about fighting cancer, but it “has helped raise awareness of our school as a caring and supportive group that is interested in supporting the larger St Louis community” and it helped fight “the misconception that we are a school of spoiled rich people who only care about our own,” Richardson said.

Richardson would like to thank Melissa Wright—for organizing the team and getting the DJ and Lion’s Choice—and the volunteers and maintenance staff who made the day possible.

MICDS plans to participate in Pedal the Cause again next year, Richardson said.

The MICDS Rams Ride team raised $30,973 under Adamson’s captainship, and Pedal the Cause as a whole website raised $1,224,646, according to Pedal the Cause’s website.

“Thanks to all that rode or volunteered,” Adamson said. “You guys left a significant impact on cancer funding and research.”