Janet McMillion enjoyed a farewell breakfast on Beasley playground, spending time with students, parents, faculty and staff.

MICDS Celebrates Mrs. Janet McMillion

On April 30, Beasles enjoyed lunch with retiring Head of Lower School Mrs. Janet McMillion. Special decorations and a large bouquet of beautiful flowers along with the smiling faces of happy children greeted a surprised Mrs. McMillion when she came in for lunch. The children gave her hugs and well wishes, and plenty of laughter due to their stories and antics during this special feast.

This week, faculty, staff, parents and alumni from both Mary I and MICDS gathered on the Beasley playground to keep celebrating Mrs. McMillion. A continental breakfast, music, a guest book, laughter and shared memories, along with the shrieks of happy Lower Schoolers, set the stage for a perfect send-off. An overwhelming theme of the event was “Thank you, Mrs. McMillion, for all you’ve done for the students, parents, faculty and staff of the Ronald S. Beasley Lower School.” After many hugs and reminiscing, a large group of Beasles gathered to serenade Mrs. McMillion with a personalized song before enveloping her with hugs.

Earlier this spring, Mrs. McMillion shared her thoughts on her time at Mary I and then MICDS with guests at the Parents Association Spring Luncheon. Read her remarks here.

At the last all-school assembly for 2018-19, we played a special Beasley Broadcast tribute to Janet McMillion. Check it out!

As the Beasles sang so sweetly Tuesday morning, “We love you, Mrs. McMillion! We’ll miss you, Mrs. McMillion!” Enjoy your retirement, and thank you for the wonderful legacy you’re leaving behind.