MICDS Excels at Local Mathematics Competition

MICDS competed in the Excellence in Mathematics competition at Forest Park Community College in the small school division. More than 700 students attended from 30-plus schools in the region.

Awards are given by grade level as individuals and as a team of 4.

Stanley Ding placed 6th

Jack Cai placed 6th
Srujay Pandiri placed 9th
Jack Cai, Srujay Pandiri, Kelci Creath, and Andrew Zhao placed 3rd as a team

Alex Donovan placed 1st

Philip Speegle placed 1st
Michel Ge placed 3rd
Abinaya Lakshmanan placed 4th
Philip Speegle, Michel Ge, Abinaya Lakshmanan, and Nidhi Bhaskar won 1st place as a team

Additional MICDS student participants were Jennifer Li, Kylie Chen, Katherine Zheng, and Ross Buchman