MICDS Launches New Website Design

On Monday, the MICDS public website adopted a new look and design that closely matches our current Admission materials and more effectively communicates the School’s image and value. The updated design focuses more on prospective parents and provides an overall more engaging experience for audiences of all types and varied levels of interest. Some notable improvements include:

  • More dynamic content
  • streamlined navigation
  • search box on every page
  • optimized for high resolution displays and many mobile devices

If you are having trouble with the way the new site displays or find that elements are missing, such as the sign in box for the portal, a simple clearing of your web browser’s cache will solve these problems.

To clear the cache on your web browser:

Hold the CTRL button and press F5 on a PC. (COMMAND or APPLE button and the “R” key on a MAC)

This should automatically update the page and fix most problems. If you are still having trouble, please contact portalhelp@micds.org