MICDS Model UN Club Writes, Debates, and Votes on Resolutions

The MICDS Model UN Club attended its very first Model United Nations session on November 20, 2021, at Webster University along with other area schools Chaminade, Crossroads, Francis Howell, Lindbergh, Nerinx, Priory, St. Dominic, Waynesville, and Webster Groves. The session was organized by Civitas-STL, a local organization that provides “innovative programming for secondary students,” by hosting Model United Nations for local schools among other events. The MICDS Model UN represented Japan, Venezuela, and the Russian Federation at the November 20 session. The club members wrote resolutions from Japan addressing climate change’s impact on island and coastal nations and from Venezuela addressing the health crisis in their country.

“I believe that the experience with Model UN gave me a sense of how complicated issues can be when nations put their own interests first, said Owen Limbrick ’23. “The fact that our proposal, which addressed climate change, a global issue, was passed also made me optimistic about what the future may hold when people work together to identify and address shared problems.”

Twelve MICDS Model UN students attended the session, and, with only two students having previous Model UN experience, it was a learning opportunity for all!

“I loved that the Model UN session provided other club members and me with the opportunity to learn more about pressing issues in different countries,” said Nithya Reddy ’23. “We also had the chance to collaborate and discuss solutions together with students from other schools. It really opened our eyes to research our chosen countries and experience the nuances of foreign affairs and the entire UN process.”

In addition to the research and resolution writing for other nations over the last couple of Activity periods, MICDS Model UN club members had the opportunity to observe and engage in mock diplomacy with students from other schools by debating resolutions, caucusing for support, and voting on resolutions and their amendments. “My favorite part about the Model UN Session was seeing the teamwork between all of the nations and trying to diplomatically find solutions to international issues,” explained Varsha Devisetty ’23. It was a great representation of leadership and collaboration.”

“The MUN session was really fun, and I learned a lot about diplomacy, compromise, cooperation, and seeing through others’ (countries’) perspectives,” added Penny Chen ’23. “It was funny because they managed to vote Russia (us) out of the Security Council.”

The highlight from the session was when the MICDS delegates from Japan were able to present their resolution to the General Assembly and, after much debate, get it passed by a large majority of participating nations. “The entire club, both those who helped research at school and those who were able to attend the session, should be proud of their efforts in our first Model UN session,” said Kristin Roberts, Club Sponsor and Upper School History Teacher.

MICDS Model UN Club Description:

According to the United Nations Association, “Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health, and more.” Model UN at MICDS focuses on diplomacy, cooperation, and solving real-world issues through research, writing, and debate skills practicing active citizenship. Model UN at MICDS aims to attend at least one Model UN session each semester spending each Activity period researching, writing, and deepening students’ understanding of Model UN nations and global issues.