MICDS Nutrition: The Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2015

I feel incredibly fortunate to have started working as the new Senior Wellness Coordinator here at MICDS. This semester, I’ve learned a great deal about marketing, food service logistics, and the things that get kids excited. I thought I would share the top five lessons I’ve learned in my position thus far:

  1. Do not set up a Tastings booth when it’s Crispy Chicken Day. That’s the equivalent of giving away free pencils next to the Apple store, who’s giving away free iPads.
  2. The same applies for Pizza Day. Just stay in your league.
  3. The students here are intelligent and creative. If they’re given the opportunity to share their suggestions, they can be the biggest resource for new ideas.
  4. Trying something new and different can be a miserable failure or a huge success. It’s better to change, adapt, and grow while failing along the way, than to never push the status quo.
  5. The smallest things can brighten a person’s day. Sometimes a smile in the hallway or a perfectly seasoned bowl of chicken noodle soup can make a difference. The little things count.

Our food service staff promises to continually listen to the community, keep things fresh, and prioritize the quality of our service in order to keep lunch something the MICDS community can look forward to. It’s been a great semester, and we look forward to serving you in 2016!

Danielle Beck
Website: www.myschooldining.com/MICDS
Twitter: MICDS_Nutrition
Instagram: MICDS_Nutrition