MICDS Passport Series Promises an Exciting Year Ahead

By Sona Kamat, P’24 and ’25

Friday, September 16, 2022, began with sunshine and the prospect of an exciting upcoming eighth year for the MICDS Passport Series. The Passport Series’ goals are to celebrate and share the MICDS community’s cultural knowledge and diversity through education, music, art, theatre, dance, food, and more. Co-chairs Ayumi Cullen P’25 and Sona Kamat P’18, ’24, and ’25 welcomed MICDS parents and guardians from various cultures and backgrounds. While all enjoyed international teas, coffees, and snacks, Head of School Jay Rainey spoke about the importance of diversity and what it brings to MICDS. Erin Hamill, Director of Global Learning & Upper School Community Service, introduced various ways students and parents can participate in cultural activities.

The upcoming Passport Series promises a wonderful year ahead with various cultural celebrations, including Diwali, Black History Month, the Day of the Dead, a tour of the Saint Louis Art Museum’s upcoming exhibit on Global Threads: The Art and Fashion of Indian Chintz, Chinese New Year, Tea Tasting, and viewing the cherry blossoms at the Japanese garden in the Missouri Botanical Garden. Also in the works are an MICDS international recipe book and a tour of an international grocery store followed by a cooking demonstration.

If you are an avid learner, like to try new foods, and wish to meet fellow MICDS parents and guardians, we hope to see you at the next Passport Series event. Join us on October 21 to celebrate Diwali with the MICDS Passport Series. Stay tuned for more information in the Weekly News. All MICDS parents and guardians are welcome!