MICDS Students Place 3rd at the World Wide Technology STEM Student Forum Hackathon on April 9th

Five Seniors (Ben Hahn, Joe McAllister, Will McDowell, Shea Murphy, and Pravin Sivabalan) competed in a five month Hackathon competition sponsored by World Wide Technology. The students chose to tackle a problem that is very real in their everyday life – trying to find a parking spot in the A lot when you’re running late in the morning.

The team engineered a prototype to solve this problem, using a camera to take pictures and code to analyze if the parking spot is free or not. This information would be shared out through an automated line, providing up to date information on open spots in lot A. This would save students time and gas in their search for a parking spot, so they can make it to class on time!

The team placed third in the competition, earning the school $2,500 to help fund future technology projects. Congrats!