MICDS Team Wins 1st Place at WWT STEM Hackathon

Michel Ge ’17, Sidd Mehta ’17, Bob Sforza ’17, Jack Cai ’19, Michael Gira ’19, and Nick Clifford ’20 took first place at the World Wide Technology (WWT) STEM Hackathon. By winning they earned the school $10,000 to be used for the MICDS STEM program. WWT assigned two employees – Barry Brandt and Charlie Harris – to help mentor the students through the process. The team spent over 3 months brainstorming and working on their presentation. By the time the competition took place, they had developed a robust solution: a scheduling and white-board application to allow for peer tutoring to occur remotely. The teams were judged on how well the students articulated their solution, creativity, and how well the team showed humility, teamwork, collaboration, and attitude.