Middle School Choir Presents “American Tapestry”

MICDS Middle School students and parents were treated to beautiful day and evening winter choir concerts performed by our talented Middle School vocal music students. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders presented American Tapestry: How Can I Keep From Singing, a program that follows the journey of American music and poetry, with musical selections encouraging our young singers to stretch and grow.

Middle School Vocal Music Teacher Jason Roberts curated the pieces around a central theme of connection and gratitude. He shared, “These songs demonstrate the virtues of American goodwill and heartfelt thanks and prompt us to search for meaning in the depths of challenging times and the heights of victories. We have so much to be thankful for; how can we keep from singing?”

The grade-level choirs performed individually and combined, offering the audience entertainment such as the American standard The Star Spangled Banner, poetry by Emily Dickinson, and even the singalong song currently taking TikTok by storm, Fifty Nifty United States. Piano accompanist Nick Bideler and violinist and JK-12 Arts Department Chair Jo Nardodillo supported the vocalists.

Our deepest gratitude to Mr. Roberts for creating this heartfelt program and helping our Middle School students develop their voices. Congratulations to our young vocalists for a wonderful performance! Click here to view the concert program.