Middle School Choir Concert

Middle School Choir Journeys through Musical History

Last week’s Middle School concert, “A Dance With Mozart – A Myriad of Multicultural Masterworks”, explored music from the 1500s through the mid-1700s as well as popular music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Modern Classical periods. The majority of the songs were sung in a foreign language as audience members were taken by melody to the lands of Spain, France, Romania, Germany, Scotland and beyond.

This year’s overall theme in Middle School vocal music is “Mozart to the Movies” with this first major unit spending time working on the tall latin vowels and stretching one’s voice. As Middle School choir teacher Mr. Jason Roberts describes, “I told the kids this is like the ‘yoga’ of singing. If we can achieve this style, we can do ANY style.” Mr. Roberts went on to share that the voices of the Middle School singers have grown a lot in such a short time.

What a melodious trip down music history lane through the “pop” music the of 1500s 1600s and 1700s!

View the Fall Concert Program here.