Middle School Mathematicians Awarded Top Scores

Seven Middle School students were recently recognized for their top score awards in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 8 Math Competition. Over 30 MICDS 7th and 8th grade mathematicians participated in this optional 25-question math contest in November, and the results are now in!

Middle School Math Teacher Lev Guter shared, “I’m so proud to see students taking the extra time to tackle fascinating math questions. Competitions like this are great ways to build confidence and test drive some of the analytical skills they’ve been learning in class.”

The award winners for the top scores at our school are below. Congrats to all those who competed and succeeded!

Gold (score of 18)

Armaan Chandak ’24

Silver (3-way tie with scores of 14)

Ipsita Bhogaraju ’24
Jai Patel ’25

Arjun Puri ’25

Bronze (3-way tie with scores of 13)

Ameer Hajji ’24
Ananya Kamineni ’24

Alex Mayer ’24

The paper contest was administered nationwide, including at MICDS, on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. It is an annual contest given usually during the same week in November. School and student participation are optional.  Even though it is called the AMC 8, both 7th and 8th graders are encouraged to participate.

Students are allotted 40 minutes to answer the 25 questions. Answers are multiple-choice bubbles filled in with a #2 pencil and submitted by Scantron. The types of questions involve all sorts of problem-solving and analytical skills such as geometry, algebra, probability and pattern recognition. The questions increase in difficulty so that the final questions are the most challenging. There is no penalty for guessing and calculators are not allowed, although scrap paper is allowed.

The first Mathematical Contest took place in 1950 and was sponsored by the New York Metropolitan Section of the Mathematics Association of America (MAA). It was given in approximately 200 schools to around 6,000 students in the New York area only. Today, the competition has grown to over 300,000 students participating annually, in over 6,000 schools. For more information, visit https://www.maa.org/math-competitions/about-amc.